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Importance Of Process In A Managed SOC

September 28, 2017

The process is the most crucial element of a security operations centre (SOC). Together in a synchronized order with technology and people, the process adds more value to what an SOC have to do. Without process, the rest of the components cannot deliver the expected safety to an organizational network.

In a general observation, the role of both people and technology can easily be understood. That’s how; one can easily assess their importance for a successful security operations centre. On the other hand, the significance of process is extremely complicated and difficult to express. A process is the building block for a managed SOC.

Importance Of Process In A Managed SOC

A process within security operations centres is associated with art and more than science. It plays a key role both in designing and execution of an operations centre. Most of the people still wonder about the significance of process for an SOC. Here, we are going to present that why process is an important component of the security operations centre.

Extend The Capabilities Of SOC:

A security operations centre acts as an IT service organization to improve the confidentiality of organizations who are maintaining private information of different customers. With the use of a process driven approach, the operation can be extended noticeably.

Once the right process driven approach is used, the operations centre will stay more responsible for customers. It brings the priorities of both the operations centre and business into line. It reduces the redundancies by improving the quality of services and usage of resources.

Processes Enable Metrics Definition For Improvement:

Every type of operative organization does not stay motionless. Both processes and certain metrics for growth, work together in a balanced order. Processes can be the only enablers for metrics definition that can be used for productivity.

In most cases, one might have to plan a process for a specific metric. However, the situation might stay opposite as well. Sometime, he has to select a specific metric for evaluating certain processes. It is important to use the measurement obtained from association of both metrics with the implementable processes.

SOCs normally monitor events that are interacting with ELV based devices within organization to improve security. It is recommended to seek assistance of experienced ELV design consultant Qatar based service provider for better implementation and improved performance.

Within a successful security operations centre, the process plays a key role. You must employee talented and experienced individuals to operate the technology in an expected way. Finally, you will have to define and execute the applicable processes in order to make the execution according to the specified goals.

How VAPT Testing Improves Data Protection Mechanism

August 23, 2017


The data protection compliance mechanism constructed by European Union is a major step towards achieving transparency. The wellness and security that the procedure offers is of immense value. But the implementation of the procedure needs to adhere to specific guidelines.

The cost of noncompliance is huge. In case of any breach the penalties and fines will be imposed. Industry experts believe that data security can be bolstered and the obligation on companies can be extended to the next level.

Prevention is better than disruption:

Any chance of data breach will be eradicated if a purposeful framework is entrenched. The obligation of requirements will improve the data protection of endpoints.

How VAPT Testing Improves Data Protection Mechanism

This will infuse a renewed sense of obligation among businesses and GDPR consulting endorse all parameters of privacy that are necessary for the company to observe. The assessment of impact of the different threats is also mandatory.

The different facets of security require intense scanning of openness to defenselessness. You need an all-inclusive regime that can satisfy the security concerns of the business. The view in delineating threat perception requisite expert evaluation of the situation in diverse perspectives. While discovering susceptibilities the needs of data protection mechanism must provide all embracing impact.

VAPT testing design the space that business need to outline its security framework.

What constructive outcomes would be generated?

The business transparency assists in promoting it. The deployed methodology must adhere to the highest quality standards. It is generally considered that false positives need to be dealt with accordingly. The biggest mistake of the business is the inability to differentiate between the categories of threats.

How efficiently you found out the existing security vulnerabilities? How a meaningful analysis has been carried out monitor the different level of complexities that can damage the security? Some flaws can be existing while others may emerge with the passage of time.

The evaluation tools must proffer better range of engagement with the threats. The approach will produce the most optimum outcome. Fix the flaws before they get out of control.


The demand trends for network security is reaching an all-time high. The biggest reason is the expansion of IoT. The modus operandi designed by the management is critical in explaining the different contexts of security. For once an elaborative mechanism that attentively addresses the security problems of network is the prime necessity of any business. 

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Key Facts Businesses Need To Know About GDPR

Why Cyber Security Should Be The Biggest Concern In 2017

Key Facts Businesses Need To Know About GDPR

July 18, 2017

What else could be more important for an organization other than the information and data? The cyber-attacks have started to increase with the advancement of the technology. That’s why, cybersecurity has become a vital aspect for all the organizations to keep themselves safe from any major hazards caused by cyber threats.

GDPR Compliance UK

For the protection of the organizational data the EU (European Union) regulations have been made to help different businesses understand the important areas where they need to concentrate to avoid cyber-attacks. The regulation is called to be EU GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation). For your business, the GDPR compliance UK and all around the other European countries is really important.

Key Facts of GDPR Compliance:

Following are the some GDPR facts that every business needs to know and understand well.

It applies to all:

The GDPR regulation doesn’t only applies on the specific businesses and organizations. It applies to all the businesses from around the world which come under the cloud of EU. This certainly means that those companies who are European citizen needs to follow the general data protection regulations according to the laws.

The Personal Data Widens Up:

The personal data protection laws and regulations widen ups even more according to the GDPR regulations. According to new laws, it is important for every IT network or business which works in the EU cities should comply the new regulations.

It Tightens the Rule of Obtaining Data or Information:

The organizations are made to use simple language while asking for obtaining a data or any organization related information. There should be a clarity on how they are going to use the information they are gathering.

The Appointment of DPO is necessary:

For different organizations, the need of the DPO (Data Protection Officer) has been made important. The information security is vital and important in this era. Thus, for the purpose of information security Dubai and many European countries around the world are considered a vital role player in securing them from data breaches. And, that’s also a vital reason which has made the appointment of the DPO’s very important for most of the organizations.

Introduction of Mandatory PIAs:

The UKs information Commissioner Officer influence has made it mandatory for the organizations to make sure they include the Privacy Impact Assessment in their GDPR. Where the data breaches risk is very high, the GDPR requires the conduction of the PIAs to secure a business network, from the information and data breaches.

Role Of Managed Security Services In Cloud And State Cyber Attacks

July 7, 2017


These days the cyber criminals are so advanced that they can easily get access to any info and data of a company in a matter of minutes. You might have heard in the TVs and read in newspapers about hacking of FBI website or World Bank, unauthorized access to UK Parliament site or any other important and state level information website. Just consider for a while if these high profile sites looked over by highly trained IT staff can be breached then any firm/enterprise’s IT protection against crimes and theft is highly vulnerable.

Managed Security Services UK

Advanced ways used by cyber criminals:-

With 2016 gone and 2017 just begun, the technology and ways through which cyber criminals act are evolving day by day. They are using new and more menacing tricks to achieve their abominable purposes, whereas security companies are facing problems to counter the threats. Some companies IT staff are not equipped even to find the threat.

Here comes the role of firms which provide managed security services UK. They not only stop unauthorized access and hacker attacks but also train the IT staff to cope with the ever increasing and developing threats.


Some of the threats posed in the year of 2017 are as follows;

State level Cyber attacks:-

1n 2017 states will come face to face with each other regarding cyber attacks. Different states will sponsor hackers and backup their employees to target other country’s defense information, energy sector and other top level statistics.

Recent speculations:-

Just like there are speculations going on about Russian government interfering in USA presidential elections through hackers and changing the results as they wanted.

Spying and stoppage of each other’s interest:-

Governments are spying against each other for years now but in 2017 there may be more than spying and intelligence. Government backed hackers may try to damage other country’s interests that conflict with theirs and opportunities to develop.

Cloud technology:-

Today everything is moving to cloud technology. People are storing everything on cloud that ranges from photos to songs, documents to any information, business data to software. Today more and more organizations are showing inclination to cloud storage. But, before doing so IT departments and personnel must make sure that their cloud provider has taken enough safety measures and is it constantly making efforts to safeguard your data from virtual attacks.

A client can ask about:-

Any client can ask about where the supplier is storing their data, he should full access and visibility of his information and data, solution provider’s defense mechanism and most importantly a client can ask about the prevention policies being implemented.

Eradicating the threats:-

Dealing with cyber criminals in the past was a difficult task for any enterprise but now by taking the help of any managed security services UK firm you can get rid of any IT problem or mitigate it to the lower possible level. Another advantage of hiring these firms is that your current IT staff can also benefit from their expertise.

Importance Of Security Awareness Consultation

July 4, 2017

Security awareness is the backbone of information security. Unless the dark side of secret information misuse is fully identified, organizational employees can’t perform well to fully protect data. Secret information is known to be the basic asset of an organization.

Experienced and senior employees are mostly fully consciousness regarding data security and the dark side of it once they are accessed by unauthorized user. That’s why owners of reputable organizations are currently providing training to improve safety consciousness and improve internal awareness against data and information theft.

Security Consulting Dubai

For multinational companies such as UAE based firms involved in secure customer’s information, data safety is of crucial importance. They mostly hire professional training service like security consulting Dubai to alert the internal staff regarding safety issues and prevention against dangerous attacks.

Major security attacks are performed on spear phishing techniques. Once secret information is accessed, the unauthorized users can easily perform criminal activities and misuse the whole of an organization data. Spear phishing is mostly performed on calling from unknown number and asking for the required information while presenting some of the known individual of organization to the receiver before asking for information.

Around 91% of cyber-crimes are performed on spear phishing techniques. Criminals can’t perform such illegal activities once organizational staff is trained well. Organizational policies are also effective to prevent these attacks. Mostly, business management implements strict rules to prevent secure-info outflow.

Providence of Security Awareness:

Security awareness is provided to both experienced and new employees through different means. Different vendors are available who can both provide theoretical and real time defense awareness to organizational staff. As human being is either the weakest or smartest creatures against security threats, these vendors can really help business owners in prevention.

Business management is strongly encouraged to implement awareness rules for different ELV based devices including security camera and other security devices. Once these devices are accessed illegally, the data is seriously influenced by attackers.

Reputable consultancy services such as ELV design consultant Dubai are mainly providing online training to enhance safety consciousness. Their advice and guidance really matter when acquired as a self-protective skill to avoid unexpected data and information loss.

The core benefit of such training is that these sessions enhance productivity of organizations. As strict security policies are applied, organizations stay on efficient performance. They mostly avoid thinking and wasting time on security measures. They prevent the whole of information reservoir and network through which the communication is performed. 

UK SOC or Security Consulting KSA, Their Significance is the Same Everywhere

June 23, 2017

No matter which part of the world one operates as an entrepreneur if the business run by him/her is more tech reliant and is connected to the world online, things may need to monitored closely then, especially from the safety and security perspective.

With the passage of time, the world have undergone some drastic changes, most of them are man-made. Technology has shaped things differently for today’s man. It has had a strong impact on almost each and every domain that is associated with one’s personal, professional, academic and casual routine.

UK SOC and Security Consulting KSA

If asked, how would I feel if all these advancements are removed from my life to start with, my reply would be a big ‘No’, the reason is pretty much straightforward, I simply cannot not live without these advancements. This is from the personal and individual perspective, if I put the same question before the industrialists, company or business owners, I think their answer would be even a bigger ‘No’.

There is no question about the efficiency and improvements that have been introduced by information technology, in developed countries like United Kingdom, companies that are reliant heavily on the world of online business practices, ensure that they are backed with UK SOC (security operation center). They simply don’t want to take risk and put their and their customers’ sensitive data at risk.

The idea is right and working greatly for them. Security operation centres (SOC) today are blessed with latest tools like artificial intelligence and real time support where the bugs and threats can be dealt with instantaneously and this is what a company needs to ensure and move on in a risk free and confident manner.

The confidence of clients is also won with ease because they know that their personal and financial information will be safe and secure while dealing with such businesses. Such practices are highly appreciated even in one of the worlds highly firm and right markets like those of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The legal framework there is very strict but even then such threats exist and are unstoppable because it simply cannot be controlled by legal bodies only.

Expert advices and professional involvements from those who offer their services in the domain of security consulting KSA is going to be needed all the time in order to stay of such threats and attacks and keep them away from the business proceedings and sensitive data that may belong to the company or its clientele. 

ELV Design And Security Consulting Services, How To Make A Perfect Blend?

June 9, 2017

If we look at the bigger and true picture, many people even today are clueless what exactly ELV is, the abbreviation may the major cause of this confusion which is normally misunderstood, i.e. extra low voltage. This is where most of the people assume that it may have something to do with electrical engineering. But, that is not the truth.

It is basically a combination of telephony and data, security and safety, in addition it can also be classified as the automotive technologies that are not treated as the most integral part of almost all the latest building structures that have been and are being constructed in the 21st century.

ELV Design And Security Consulting Services, How To Make A Perfect Blend

Terrorism of course is the major role player in pushing the market demands and trends for such technologies. Almost all the world is facing such threats where the influx of such technology becomes critical. The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has also been feeling the heat over the past few years when it comes to terrorist activities.

Due to its sensitive nature and importance because it is the home for Muslim pilgrims from all over the world, the concerned authorities simply don’t want to overlook their safety factor and that is why the idea from them is to ensure that they have hired professionals locally and from different parts of the world (if required) so as to make it certain that the domain of security consulting KSA services is kept nourished all the time and that it can be improved at a constant pace.

The idea is damn right, because KSA is on the rise and have been under a never ending process of ongoing construction and development process. Therefore the need for assurance evolves for the concerned bodies to make sure that all the basic and crucial measures are considered while carrying out such critical tasks. A good approach would be to do so in the presence of an expert ELV design consultant so that loopholes and gaps can be avoided.

CCTV cameras, monitoring tools that records voice and suspicious activities in sensitive places like hotels, airports, parks and other shopping malls is become a norm and integral part of this modern day life. All these installations have some serious hard work and skills being employed by experts, who have a good insight about this niche and its significance.

Obtaining perfection in this domain without a perfect blend of the two may not be possible, therefore no matter how big or small your security need is, you must ensure that the task of design and installation is carried out be experts in this domain only.

How ISO 27001 Certified Managed Security Services Can Come To Your Rescue?

May 25, 2017

As the world is advancing more towards the technology, this has brought some drawbacks as well like the advancement of the cyber criminals, ways to creep into other’s network and sweep the data or manipulate it accordingly. All these things demand for a high safety of the system.

How ISO 27001 Certified Managed Security Services Can Come To Your Rescue

Need to be proactive:-

Although, it has become quite difficult to secure the networks because the cyber criminals and hackers have devised plans that even a small mistake from the network defenders can cause a big mishap top the network. The IT professionals and managers need to be proactive.


They work on the formula of “you miss I hit” and one little negligence can cost a business millions. The solution to it is the managed security services Dubai based solutions that not make a network secure but also monitor it for the future attacks and breaches.

These service providers come up with a range of facilities that comprise of infrastructural setup, 24/7 monitoring, incident response, mitigation of already faced attacks, no need of engaging the in-house staff and if possible work using the already available tools.

Some of these service providers have specializations in specific fields and some offer full facilities to secure any business or enterprise’s network.


Before discussing the benefits of MSS it is important to know that to be more effective these services must be equipped with the ISO 27001 KSA based solutions. This latest safety standard certification serves as a guaranty that network will be looked after with vigilance and efficiency. 

ISO 27001 KSA

24/7 monitoring:-

If you want your network to be monitored 24/7 against all the threats and that too in affordable budget then definitely MSS is the solution. As the in-house staff not only becomes a burden on the firm but they also aren’t available 24/7.

Not enough time for organizations to do all the stuff:-

In the current times sometimes it hard to keep up with the current and ever evolving threats so it becomes difficult to cope with all the incidents. At this situation MSSPs with the usage of their expertise do it all together without using too much of the firm’s resources.

Global operations:-

Almost all the MSSPs function globally and their core focus is on monitoring, global monitoring makes them able to be expert in all kinds of monitoring, threat identification, exposure to all kind of threats, and usage of valiant tolls in solving make them the all-rounders and best solution.

No burden on the firm:-

MSSPs don’t become a burden on the firm nor do they occupy any space or office. Another thing is that they allow the businesses to do their own work which is to focus on their business and they focus primarily on shielding the network. 

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Why Cyber Security Should Be The Biggest Concern In 2017?

May 15, 2017

Cyber security is the biggest concern of the whole world right now. There isn’t any organization and network, which can say it’s completely protected from this problem. In this era, as we pretend that we are getting more and more protected, actually we are not, because somehow this issue swirls around us.

Cyber Security UK

One of the individual who was linked up with an organization said that he has been doing hacking for 15 years. But his hacking was to bring the flaws of a network up front to secure it even more. But he has been frustrated now, because with every improvement there happens to be a better way possible for hacking.


In the whole scenario of network protection, the firewall security is also something important, it plays a vital role in the security of a network from different vulnerabilities and threats.

Power of Hacking:

Let’s have a look at the list of the hacks that have been done so far. It will help us know, as much as we pretend to be secured actually we are not.

  • The traffic signals have also been hacked.
  • The bank apps.
  • Home Alarm Systems.
  • Cars have been hacked also.
  • The power grids and dams.
  • The plane systems.

Cyber Security Threats Increasing:

These threats have been increasing rapidly day by day. There isn’t a field which is secured these days from its effects. Every now and then, we come to hear about an organization getting affected by cyber security. It feels like, every organization is well protected, but once they get penalized, we acknowledge that they weren’t.

Cyber Security Threats

Cyber Threats:

There are following types of cyber threats performing their roles in the networking world for different reasons.

The Cyber Criminals:

They attack different networks and steal their information for the sake of their own profit.


They are professional hackers and they hack systems of the organizations to make it further improved.


The individuals who are motivated socially and politically like Anonymous.

Cyber Terrorists:

This is not a very common type. They are actually very rare.

Nation States:

These are the threats and cyber-attacks, which one nation does against another.


The cyber threats are really common and are surely the biggest problem of the present era. Cyber security UK and many others are helping different organizations to remain safe from various kinds of threats.

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How To Build A Security Operation Centre (SOC)

May 5, 2017

The world of security threats is evolving and escalating every minute. This is a serious cause of concern for almost all the business operators that are connected with the world online and with some sorts of networks.

Security Operation Centre UK

SOC has played a crucial role for many operators world over, provided if things are planned and executed in the best professional manners. After the planning and designing phases it is highly critical that one as an entrepreneur must ensure that the building phase of a security operation centre UK is dealt with professionally. Following are some key points that shall be borne in mind by one in order to ensure that things go according to the plan and design:

  • Select the right technology for lasting results.
  • Focus on the data collection process
  • Enable the expert analysts to assess and provide you with a clear picture of the current security state.
  • Ensure that the approach selected by you leverages layered capabilities.
  • Having an anti-virus and intrusion prevention system IPS would be a good idea
  • Use layered detection/defense approaches such as:
  • A strong filter that is aware and can detect any kind of threatening and malicious sources.
  •  IPS for the detection of attacks
  • In case IPS misses out on threat, you must have Breach-detection technology as a backup
  • Tools like NetFlow to monitor unusual data trends must not be overlooked.

One’s need for information security may vary, depending on the size of business, seriousness of data involved and the region in which the business is operating. For example, a company operating in a city that is part of third world country may be different when compared to a city in the first world countries.

UK would be a good example here; your aims for London SOC definitely would require close focus, bearing in mind the terrorism threat that is faced by this city round the clock.

London SOC

Attackers focused on this city would not miss out on any single opportunity be it a physical attack in the form of a suicide attack or virtual one in which they may work on getting unauthorized access to a business’s confidential data. This allows them to negotiate and blackmail the company owners and in some cases the government officials in case if the company or business has a direct or indirect association with the business. To stay on top of such threats, it one as an entrepreneur would be better off if he/she ensure the following points once the SOC goes live:

  • Ensure validation
  • Be up and ready for the challenging processes
  • Functionality of the technologies set in place shall be checked for compliance regularly.
  • Train you personnel as and when required so that they are up to date.


This is going to be the final phases after things have gone live.  One must ensure the following points in this phase:

  • The scope of review must be determined
  • Participants or those who will be responsible must be determined
  • Methods applied must be clear and relevant
  • Understand the frequency
  • Actions must be prioritized based on the results retrieved.

One must understand that SOCs might fail even after all the aforementioned points have been followed to the fullest. No SOC is fully perfect, however if treated in a healthy and logical passion things may evolve in a much improved passion and in the best interest of the organization.

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