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How Have ELV Systems Secured Living Places?

The concept of the smart building is getting augmented popularity over the years. It is owing to the benefits of reduced energy requirements and enhanced productivity. Not only this, it is considered highly efficient and sustainable.

Still, many people ask, what makes the buildings smart? It is simple; smart buildings are referred to the living spaces which make you feel secure and comfortable within minimum operational cost.

Use of Pervasive Computing in life

It has become imperative to improve the security of the buildings in order to offer the people with a secure environment to live and perform their activities. Be it the home, airport, metro station, shopping mall, educational institutions, and what not, technology has become pervasive. 

smart building design

Therefore, integrating technology with highest possible power efficiency is the prime requirement to keep buildings smart and secure. This is all done by implementing ELV systems.

In order to understand the concept behind smart living, you must consider many developed countries. It is because technological advancements have been embedded smartly to improve construction sector.

Therefore, the technology-related consultancy has become imperative. For instance, ELV design consultant companies in the UK are higher in demand owing to the augmented integration of communication and security interconnectivity.

Concept and Scope of ELV Systems

The terminology ELV has been derived from the field of physics which denotes Extra-low voltage system. Most of the smart buildings are operated using the low voltage not exceeding 35V AC.

The systems designed using ELV are becoming an essential requirement for smart buildings infrastructures. The objective is to offer higher interconnectivity in order to ensure efficiency.

Therefore, the systems are used for communication, security, lighting, and keeping the building temperature moderate. These include voice evacuation, fire alarms, information communication systems, intrusion detection facilities, audio-visual support, and other auxiliary systems.

ELV Systems to Secure Living Places

It goes without doubt that information technology plays a vital role to improve the lifestyle of human beings. You are undoubtedly aware of a few technology gadgets embedded in your home such as security cameras, telephone lines, energy generators, natural calamities alarms, etc.

Let’s have a detailed overview of the things which have helped to improve living spaces:


In this world of rapidly increasing insecurity, there is seldom an individual who does not want to danger-free life. 

However, the security risks have been increased over the years. So, it has become difficult to ensure secure by just relying on human resource. It is well-understood that human eyes and ears cannot guard everything 24/7 with utmost efficiency.

Thanks to technology, the problem has been solved with the help of surveillance cameras. Presently, the use of CCTV security cameras has become so frequent that cities are event turned out to be smart cities.

It is significant to mention that provision of energy needs for such complex security cameras system was not possible without the help of ELV design systems.

Further, the CCTV security systems have been used to eliminate security risks across the globe.

According to, ELV design consultant UK, energy efficient CCTV systems are not only integrated into offices and commercial places but also in residential buildings.

Gate Barrier

Another facility offered by the ELV design systems to improve the living spaces is technology based gate barriers. Using such methods, it is possible to restrict building entry for some specific vehicles and individuals.

These systems are implemented and executed by access control systems.  Various countries are tapping the opportunities of such systems to ensure adequate building security.

Smart Automation and Alarm Systems

Internet of Things (IoT) is becoming highly popular owing to ease and efficiency. A higher demand from residential and commercial buildings has been observed to integrate smart systems to automate lighting, electronics, and related accessories. All this can only be ensured using ELV solutions.

Further, alarms systems in case of any mishap and adverse incidents are implemented to safeguard people and places. Therefore, the use of technology has enabled the people to get notified in case of any natural calamity or accident.

Concluding Remarks

To sum up, rapid advancement in technology not only enables the people to deploy smart systems but also reduced the deployment cost. All this has become possible using the ELV design solutions.

However, no one can understand the complexities behind apparently simple security systems, fire alarms, communication lines and related systems. 

If every system is implemented indecently, it will become impossible to fulfill energy needs. However, Siconsult advanced engineering and ELV services can help to reduce energy requirements by designing an optimized system for integrated building facilities.

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