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How to Find Insider Threats Using External Intelligence

The present landscape of cyber-security is marked by petty issues including the massive amount of data, insufficient analysts and soaring adversarial risks.

No doubt, data security infrastructures offer numerous tools to protect information but lack of proper integration. It gives a way to the data thieves to enter databases and information resources.

How to Find Insider Threats Using External Intelligence

It is a frustrating situation because organizations have become helpless in protecting their valuable information from data breaches within limited time and budget.

However, the companies have not lost their hope but still trying their best to implement smart solutions to combat data issues. Artificial intelligence has become a ray of hope for such organizations to ensure data safety. So, the major functions of integrated security systems are:

  1. Accretion of intelligent clues from all data sources
  2. Correction, normalization, risk assessment and safety tools enrichment
  3. Integration of smart tools with already implemented systems
  4. Analysis and Evaluation of intelligent solutions implemented

What is threat intelligence?

It is a service that offers the facility to collect data about existing data breaches and potential threats by smartly exploiting information gathered from several sources.

The process of threat identification is done using contextual data filtered through control systems of data security.

The chief objective of using this service is to assist the organizations to consider emerging risks. It will help them to adopt a proactive approach towards persistent or random threats on a daily basis. 

The Emerging Concern

Security threats are categorized in external and internal threats. The external threats are the hackers, and malicious codes entered externally.

On the other hand, the internal threats are the mistakes done by the professional and security officers working inside the organization. The situation occurs as a result of human negligence, errors or cleverness.

Business organizations are concerned more about the internal data security threats because it is tough to identify them. No matter public or private enterprises hire professional data defense agencies and IT professionals to apply information security policies, but risk factor always remains there.

It is evident from the fact that various mega financial breaches have been witnessed in the past years starting from 2016 which have shocked the people.

Consequently, companies are paying more attention to implement threat intelligence security solutions to detect and prevent insider threats.

The Scenario of Insider Threats

Prevention largely based on detection of potential risks. Unfortunately, various data security tools have become unable to detect insider data vulnerabilities.

It is surprising to note that people were not aware of this kind of threats until the incident of data breach in February 2016 occurred.

Insider threats were primarily identified when the Bank of Bangladesh confessed that more than USD 86 million were stolen from the bank using insider information and malware.

The hackers used SWIFT codes to withdraw money from the Bank using the U.S. Federal Reserve Bank account. It was admitted that the information hackers were insiders who used the sensitive information in combination with custom virus codes.

Monitoring of Insider Risks through Intelligence Monitoring

It can be said without any doubt that insider threats can only be checked through aware monitoring. It is helpful in figuring out the maturation of threat paths.

It is owing to the reason that behavior of the insider threat starts from naïve search and mature with the passage of time to a criminal threat state. Therefore, the behavior can be detected through strict monitoring.

It is imperative to note that hackers make mistakes at initial stages because of ignorance. It is observed that even if they know the rules, they violate regulations willfully. It is done to keep the pace of their activity fast which can help to create a gamut of external signs to be detected.

So, threats can be detected using intelligence to alert relevant professional and safety measures can be taken proactively.

Concluding Remarks - Major Takeaways

Malevolent insiders are tiny dangers that compromise the security policies and controls by penetrating from vulnerabilities. The potential reason for insider threats is the human err.

Therefore, it is essential to pay considerable attention to find and eliminate such vulnerable spots with the help of threat intelligence in order to ensure foolproof security of valuable data assets.

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