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Why Cyber Security Should Be The Biggest Concern In 2017?

Cyber security is the biggest concern of the whole world right now. There isn’t any organization and network, which can say it’s completely protected from this problem. In this era, as we pretend that we are getting more and more protected, actually we are not, because somehow this issue swirls around us.

Cyber Security UK

One of the individual who was linked up with an organization said that he has been doing hacking for 15 years. But his hacking was to bring the flaws of a network up front to secure it even more. But he has been frustrated now, because with every improvement there happens to be a better way possible for hacking.


In the whole scenario of network protection, the firewall security is also something important, it plays a vital role in the security of a network from different vulnerabilities and threats.

Power of Hacking:

Let’s have a look at the list of the hacks that have been done so far. It will help us know, as much as we pretend to be secured actually we are not.

  • The traffic signals have also been hacked.
  • The bank apps.
  • Home Alarm Systems.
  • Cars have been hacked also.
  • The power grids and dams.
  • The plane systems.

Cyber Security Threats Increasing:

These threats have been increasing rapidly day by day. There isn’t a field which is secured these days from its effects. Every now and then, we come to hear about an organization getting affected by cyber security. It feels like, every organization is well protected, but once they get penalized, we acknowledge that they weren’t.

Cyber Security Threats

Cyber Threats:

There are following types of cyber threats performing their roles in the networking world for different reasons.

The Cyber Criminals:

They attack different networks and steal their information for the sake of their own profit.


They are professional hackers and they hack systems of the organizations to make it further improved.


The individuals who are motivated socially and politically like Anonymous.

Cyber Terrorists:

This is not a very common type. They are actually very rare.

Nation States:

These are the threats and cyber-attacks, which one nation does against another.


The cyber threats are really common and are surely the biggest problem of the present era. Cyber security UK and many others are helping different organizations to remain safe from various kinds of threats.

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