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How Can Integrative ELV Systems Be Cost-Effective?

The fields of electrical engineering and communication have evolved over the years, and different ways have been utilized to maximize the benefits. The concept of ELV has been around for a while but have you ever thought what ELV is and how does it work?

According to the International Electrotechnical Commission, ELV stands for Extra Low Voltage and can be defined as any system operating with a low voltage and the voltage limit is 35V AC and 60V DC. The technology or the devices are run by electricity but are not the part of any building’s electrical system. As the building's systems are becoming complex, the need for ELV designs is also increasing.

How Can Integrative ELV Systems Be Cost-Effective

All the modern technologies such as CCTV, fire alarm system, audio-visual system, control room design, access control and home automation are part of ELV design system. Professional ELV design consultant offers services which will integrate the modern technologies into your building in a professional way. 

However, all the technologies encompassing different aspects and innovations are collectively known as ELV. But researchers and design expert think that an integrated ELV design system is required to make the construction cost-effective. 

The reason for the requirement of the integrated system is because designers are still employing the traditional systems which are running on proprietary networks. The use of the conventional method is expensive, has limited functionality and more complexity. Modern integration of the technologies which are based on IP based network.

Integration of ELV system is important, and this article discusses some of the reasons how the integration of system will be cost-effective and reduce both operational and capital costs.

Unified Cabling and Pathways

Traditional system has its cabling system where each system is in need of connecting using a specific cable and channel.

However, on the other hand, if the IP-based network is used, then all the system will have same data network which means that extra cabling and pathway is not required saving the cost of establishing a cable system.

Quality Issues

While installing a CCTV camera, TV or any other device it is crucial to take into account the quality of video and sound.

Traditional system has faced challenges to maintain the quality of audio and video while installing the devices. There are several problems which can compromise the quality such as grounding problems, issues with cable, connectors, ground loops and surface noise as well as several other issues.

However, in IP based networking, the case is different as the digital networking is safe from all the mentioned issues. ELV design expert has a systematic project design delivery model which ensures that client and designers are on the same page and manufacturing is carried out only when the client has approved the design.

Easy Management

If there is a sudden problem which arises then the management and tackling of the problem is not an issue in the IP-based network, but the traditional model has issues because the cables and connectors have been grounded already.

The physical layer of the networks is primarily hard to manage because of its installation and reinstallation hassle.

IP-based networking saves not only the extra effort but also time which makes it more efficient.

Remote Management

With physical network installed underground, it is hard to be not at present on the site to solve the issues, but the IP-based network has the characteristics that can be configured and managed remotely.

Time and cost are some of the main benefits of the option to remotely manage the system.


Because the technologies are continuously advancing, therefore, it is essential to know the importance of expanding the networks to even more extensive networks.

However, if the traditional system is being used, then expansion can be an issue because if you think a cabling system which is on mile so expanding it to another mile would require the reestablishment of the whole network. It would need new copper cabling lines, reconstruction the grounding setup and workforce to set that up.

The new network-based ELV designs will enable to make changing and seamlessly interconnecting the wires making it even more efficient. Professional ELV designers help the clients to design the products which are effectively meeting the requirement of the clients.

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