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How Managed SIEM Can Eradicate and Reduce the Data Loss?

Vulnerability to cyber-attacks:-

As technology is advancing the ways to secure your I.T possessions are becoming safe. Do not be fooled with it, as the illegal ways to breach the systems and get desired info have also gone a step ahead. Many big organizations are becoming victims of cyber theft, breaches, and unauthorized access in 2017. Number of organizations and firms lag behind to safeguard their important assets stored virtually. The security staff is unable to cope with the latest bugs, and violation of security setup.

Managed SIEM

Role of IT security firms:-

The role of cyber security firms increases with each day passing. As these firms provide valid solutions and use applicable services to provide us with strong IT infrastructure that show resilience against any probable theft or breach.

Forensic analysis:-

Any analysis of forensics is a long process. The analyst must go through the entire data log to know what happened. But the preservation of data must be in a way that is acceptable in the cyber court. Managed SIEM technology allows quick systematic and presentable forensics to the court by the process of storing and protecting the entire log data. Not only this it provides a method of checking the date thoroughly.

Digital finger prints:-

Log data is considered to be the digital fingerprints of the activities that take place in information technology systems. Security, operations and other problems can be detected by checking all the log data. As a result this technology has come out as the key for collection and generation of IT intelligence. It can not only correlate, recognize pattern and the ability to alert it has the ability to collect and investigate the forensics.

Response time:-

With the ever increasing attacks and unpermitted entries the whole system needs for a latest, quick effective, having the ability of event correlation and analysis system. Attacked or suffering organizations need to admit it that prevention of all breaches and unauthorized entries is not possible, so is the mitigation process. So the volume of loss depends on the responsive time. Small response time means small losses to your IT system.

Efficiency in incident handling:-

With the facility of providing single interface viewing of all the data for more than one host, this system improves the efficiency of any breach control. Because, it is more time efficient in handling the unwanted incidents, this can result in the speedy, controlled and restrained loss or damage.

The managed SIEM is also able to quickly identify all the effected hosts after any attack and unauthorized entry in to the system.

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