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Managed Security Services in Dubai - The Fun Has Just Begun

Dubai is also one of those hi-tech, and developed cities which have stepped into the next generation IT world with more than 80 per cent of the firms whether they are small and medium enterprises or large have started using the card of outsourcing for their IT related problems.

Managed Security Services in Dubai

According to IT industry capitalists, the role of firms that provide IT related services like network safety or securing the information in case of need is going to become more vital and significant in the times when threats are becoming more strong and developed, and customers may have to face a host of network related problems.

According to Bob Ackerman founder and MD of a firm that has its attention on the early stage investment “I am seeing a significant and fast growth in the field of managed security services, and you can say it has only just begun. More is still to come”.

Alberto Yepez the MD and the co-founder of Trident Cyber security says that the current scenario present s an ideal situation for the MSSPs. “more and more people (MDs and managers) are turning to these solution providers who provide the solution as a service and without any delays.

He adds more that people are well aware of their needs and have become aware of this fact that might need to outsource their automation, remote management and safety need to the third parties.

The confusion in the IT solutions market is also playing its part says Venky Ganesan, the managing director of Menlo Ventures. “The reason for this confusion is because of the heaps of safety solutions provided to the customers every day for each and every aspect of the problem”. Adding more he said, “people are finding those experts and solution providers who possess deep domain expertise to keep their system in moving forward.

According to Venky Ganesan, the numbers have already shown where the game is headed from now on. Adding more value to the statement of Venky Ganesan the research firm by the name of MarketsandMarkets has already predicted that overall raise in the market of MSSPs is set to touch $ 35.5 billion by the year 2020 which was at $17.8 billion in 2015.

This raise in the overall market will also help the managed security services Dubai to rise and benefit the customers who are looking for the full-time solutions in this regard.

Another prediction from MarketsandMarkets says that the safety industry will see a huge rise and will touch $202.4 billion by 2021 which was in 2016 was $112.5

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