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Role Of Managed Security Services In Cloud And State Cyber Attacks


These days the cyber criminals are so advanced that they can easily get access to any info and data of a company in a matter of minutes. You might have heard in the TVs and read in newspapers about hacking of FBI website or World Bank, unauthorized access to UK Parliament site or any other important and state level information website. Just consider for a while if these high profile sites looked over by highly trained IT staff can be breached then any firm/enterprise’s IT protection against crimes and theft is highly vulnerable.

Managed Security Services UK

Advanced ways used by cyber criminals:-

With 2016 gone and 2017 just begun, the technology and ways through which cyber criminals act are evolving day by day. They are using new and more menacing tricks to achieve their abominable purposes, whereas security companies are facing problems to counter the threats. Some companies IT staff are not equipped even to find the threat.

Here comes the role of firms which provide managed security services UK. They not only stop unauthorized access and hacker attacks but also train the IT staff to cope with the ever increasing and developing threats.


Some of the threats posed in the year of 2017 are as follows;

State level Cyber attacks:-

1n 2017 states will come face to face with each other regarding cyber attacks. Different states will sponsor hackers and backup their employees to target other country’s defense information, energy sector and other top level statistics.

Recent speculations:-

Just like there are speculations going on about Russian government interfering in USA presidential elections through hackers and changing the results as they wanted.

Spying and stoppage of each other’s interest:-

Governments are spying against each other for years now but in 2017 there may be more than spying and intelligence. Government backed hackers may try to damage other country’s interests that conflict with theirs and opportunities to develop.

Cloud technology:-

Today everything is moving to cloud technology. People are storing everything on cloud that ranges from photos to songs, documents to any information, business data to software. Today more and more organizations are showing inclination to cloud storage. But, before doing so IT departments and personnel must make sure that their cloud provider has taken enough safety measures and is it constantly making efforts to safeguard your data from virtual attacks.

A client can ask about:-

Any client can ask about where the supplier is storing their data, he should full access and visibility of his information and data, solution provider’s defense mechanism and most importantly a client can ask about the prevention policies being implemented.

Eradicating the threats:-

Dealing with cyber criminals in the past was a difficult task for any enterprise but now by taking the help of any managed security services UK firm you can get rid of any IT problem or mitigate it to the lower possible level. Another advantage of hiring these firms is that your current IT staff can also benefit from their expertise.

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