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Security Threat Predictions For The Year 2017

Enterprises around the world are always worried and conscious about attacks on their networks. Attacks have widened so much that the protection of assets for the enterprises have has become really difficult.

2017 is definitely set to present new challenges to the IT professionals as they may have to face more dangerous and destructive attacks this year than they were in the past. Below are some of the main safety trends that will be practice this year.

Managed Security Services KSA

Shortage of IT skills:-

More than 1 million cyber safety job openings were announced in the year 2016 as stated by Forbes. Due to its unending demand it has become a popular career, but more skilled experts are needed immediately.

Due to this shortage of skilled professionals company heads are turning their attention to the managed security services KSA for better assessment and evaluation of threats and attacks.

Although there are thousands of new IT graduates but they don’t have the necessary experience and skills to defend networks and data against well organized and experienced cyber criminals that have started combining.

Manipulation of data:-

We have gone through he stories of students changing their grades that increase their passing chances by entering into the office of their teacher.

Similarly, the risks of data manipulation have also increased with the recent invasion of sophisticated breaches that is meant originally to alter or sabotage the data and information instead of stealing or completely destroying it, which was done some years ago.

This modification and deviation in the financial data will have severe affects like change in the stock prices and corporate plans. If a data manipulation attack is properly conducted it can bring more dividends than just selling the data records.

Cyber-criminals have a lead on defenders:-

It is a well-known fact that cyber criminals have more advantage over IT professionals who safeguard enterprise’s networks. They can devise any line of attack and also cyber-criminals don’t limit themselves to a specific technology, industry or deadlines.

They are always busy in improving their skills and attack networks without fear. If the attack is unsuccessful they simply change their tactic or the target. They develop their skills with confidence and then transfer them to other bad guys who are new in this field.

Friendly devices and their control:-

Devices and gadgets like Smart watches, Smartphones and other inventions like Amazon Echo and Google Home continuously listen to our conversations and respond by picking up the keywords. This technology also leaves digital trails.

The legal issues involved in this have just started to be understood by the professionals. The rules about the recorded chats are set to ignite a hot debate in the enterprise’s and allover.

Complex systems are more vulnerable to attacks:-

Latest IT systems are extremely complex that include technologies that are ranging from mobile devices that are networked to legacy computer platforms, all of these have their specific vulnerabilities.

The systems are fast connecting due to the digital transformation resulting from the striving businesses. The hyper connectivity can lead to unexpected and loopholes for the cyber-attacks.

Need to stay abreast of threats:-

Chief information security officers and Chief information officers need to be aware of all the threats and when needed they can take the services of any managed security services KSA provider if the threat is too complicated or not controllable by the in-house staff.

They also need to start vigilance and awareness program amongst the IT professionals and other staff to create a solid safety shield against threats. 

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