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How To Build A Security Operation Centre (SOC)

The world of security threats is evolving and escalating every minute. This is a serious cause of concern for almost all the business operators that are connected with the world online and with some sorts of networks.

Security Operation Centre UK

SOC has played a crucial role for many operators world over, provided if things are planned and executed in the best professional manners. After the planning and designing phases it is highly critical that one as an entrepreneur must ensure that the building phase of a security operation centre UK is dealt with professionally. Following are some key points that shall be borne in mind by one in order to ensure that things go according to the plan and design:

  • Select the right technology for lasting results.
  • Focus on the data collection process
  • Enable the expert analysts to assess and provide you with a clear picture of the current security state.
  • Ensure that the approach selected by you leverages layered capabilities.
  • Having an anti-virus and intrusion prevention system IPS would be a good idea
  • Use layered detection/defense approaches such as:
  • A strong filter that is aware and can detect any kind of threatening and malicious sources.
  •  IPS for the detection of attacks
  • In case IPS misses out on threat, you must have Breach-detection technology as a backup
  • Tools like NetFlow to monitor unusual data trends must not be overlooked.

One’s need for information security may vary, depending on the size of business, seriousness of data involved and the region in which the business is operating. For example, a company operating in a city that is part of third world country may be different when compared to a city in the first world countries.

UK would be a good example here; your aims for London SOC definitely would require close focus, bearing in mind the terrorism threat that is faced by this city round the clock.

London SOC

Attackers focused on this city would not miss out on any single opportunity be it a physical attack in the form of a suicide attack or virtual one in which they may work on getting unauthorized access to a business’s confidential data. This allows them to negotiate and blackmail the company owners and in some cases the government officials in case if the company or business has a direct or indirect association with the business. To stay on top of such threats, it one as an entrepreneur would be better off if he/she ensure the following points once the SOC goes live:

  • Ensure validation
  • Be up and ready for the challenging processes
  • Functionality of the technologies set in place shall be checked for compliance regularly.
  • Train you personnel as and when required so that they are up to date.


This is going to be the final phases after things have gone live.  One must ensure the following points in this phase:

  • The scope of review must be determined
  • Participants or those who will be responsible must be determined
  • Methods applied must be clear and relevant
  • Understand the frequency
  • Actions must be prioritized based on the results retrieved.

One must understand that SOCs might fail even after all the aforementioned points have been followed to the fullest. No SOC is fully perfect, however if treated in a healthy and logical passion things may evolve in a much improved passion and in the best interest of the organization.

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