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Importance Of Process In A Managed SOC

The process is the most crucial element of a security operations centre (SOC). Together in a synchronized order with technology and people, the process adds more value to what an SOC have to do. Without process, the rest of the components cannot deliver the expected safety to an organizational network.

In a general observation, the role of both people and technology can easily be understood. That’s how; one can easily assess their importance for a successful security operations centre. On the other hand, the significance of process is extremely complicated and difficult to express. A process is the building block for a managed SOC.

Importance Of Process In A Managed SOC

A process within security operations centres is associated with art and more than science. It plays a key role both in designing and execution of an operations centre. Most of the people still wonder about the significance of process for an SOC. Here, we are going to present that why process is an important component of the security operations centre.

Extend The Capabilities Of SOC:

A security operations centre acts as an IT service organization to improve the confidentiality of organizations who are maintaining private information of different customers. With the use of a process driven approach, the operation can be extended noticeably.

Once the right process driven approach is used, the operations centre will stay more responsible for customers. It brings the priorities of both the operations centre and business into line. It reduces the redundancies by improving the quality of services and usage of resources.

Processes Enable Metrics Definition For Improvement:

Every type of operative organization does not stay motionless. Both processes and certain metrics for growth, work together in a balanced order. Processes can be the only enablers for metrics definition that can be used for productivity.

In most cases, one might have to plan a process for a specific metric. However, the situation might stay opposite as well. Sometime, he has to select a specific metric for evaluating certain processes. It is important to use the measurement obtained from association of both metrics with the implementable processes.

SOCs normally monitor events that are interacting with ELV based devices within organization to improve security. It is recommended to seek assistance of experienced ELV design consultant Qatar based service provider for better implementation and improved performance.

Within a successful security operations centre, the process plays a key role. You must employee talented and experienced individuals to operate the technology in an expected way. Finally, you will have to define and execute the applicable processes in order to make the execution according to the specified goals.

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